Zendaya’s ‘Euphoria’ is a Subject of Memes Due to its Unreal Portrayal of School Life

Ever since Zendaya’s hit HBO show Euphoria was launched in 2019, it has been receiving mixed reviews from viewers. For some, the show was highly relatable and thought-provoking whereas, for the rest, it was just another over-glamourised high school drama. The series whose season 2 recently premiered this year in the US, is woven around a bunch of gen Z students with each one of them entangled in certain issues. The makers of the drama have tried to touch upon various socially relevant issues like drug abuse, sexual identity and problems with social media. But for many viewers, especially the ones who are currently in high school, the show just went overboard with their approach. In a bid to express their discontent over the plot of the show and the way they portrayed the lives of teenagers, Twitterati resorted to creating some hilarious memes.

Highlighting the excessive depiction of drug-fuelled parties and kids wearing heavy makeup to the school, one user mockingly shared a school schedule that the characters in the show seemed to have been following. “Yes just got my euphoria high school schedule,” he captioned the post. The chart in the picture consisted of courses like ‘How to: Bisexual Makeup’, ‘Learn to do drugs’ and ‘House party etiquette”.

Another meme that went viral showed the character Maddy standing in the hallway of the school in an elegant outfit. But, the eagle-eyed user noticed that Maddy was not carrying any stationery for the school and instead had a tiny bag with her. “She doesn’t even have a pencil or a single book,” the user Tweeted.

Meanwhile, one user mocked the casting of the show where grown adults were made to play the roles of teenagers. He posted his picture as a teenager looking quite naïve and wrote alongside it “My high school experience was just like Euphoria.”

The nature of the show is such that it even prompted Zendaya to issue a disclaimer before the premiere of Euphoria season 2. In an Instagram post, Zendaya cautioned viewers that the show is for mature audiences and said that it “deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult to watch.” Zendaya had shared a similar warning before the release of season 1 of the show.

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