With crime syndicates being allowed to flourish, why the violence in Bengal is hardly surprising


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New Delhi, May 04: West Bengal has reported wide-spread violence post the election results. The BJP has accused the TMC of targeting its workers and during down property.

Violence has always been symbolic in Bengal. Be it manufacturing of bombs in large numbers, smuggling across the border, land Jihad or fake currency, Bengal has always reported the highest number of cases. Bombs in particular are manufactured in the state with the sole intention of using them against political opponents.

With crime syndicates being allowed to flourish, why the violence in Bengal is hardly surprising

In most cases of violence, it has been found that illegal immigrants are roped in by the political parties to attack their opponents.

Illegal immigrants today run crime syndicates, which indulge in bomb making or trafficking of fake currency. They indulge heavily in arms smuggling and land grabbing as well.

Back in 1992, the Research and Analysis Wing had prepared a report in which it spoke about a large influx of Bangladeshis that was being planned. It was the Jamaat-e-Islami, which was behind this and the operation was launched in a bid to create East Pakistan. The agency pointed out that the operation had been a success to a large extent thanks to the political parties in Bengal and the human rights activists.

In 2012, the Intelligence Bureau had reported that the issue was catching up like wild fire in the states of West Bengal, Kerala, Telangana (then AP) and Karnataka. The report stated that there are all sorts of people. Many are here in search of a livelihood, but then there are many who indulge in illegal activities such as smuggling as drugs and sometimes arms. They come into the country through West Bengal and gradually move into other parts of the country. While touts and middlemen help them with documents, there are others who take advantage of their poor living conditions and lure them with money in order to carry out illegal activities.

Officials OneIndia spoke with said that these persons are used extensively by political parties to fan violence. They also help in sourcing arms and other weapons and these are used in political violence.

These crime syndicates have been allowed to grow due to their political affiliation. They in turn aide these parties in fuelling violence, the officer cited above also said.

Amidst this there was another report of how some locals in West Bengal with the help of illegal migrants from Bangladeshis had planned on declaring azadi in Murshidabad. The Intelligence had picked up information that a group of highly radicalised people were making attempts to take on the establishment. These persons who were in touch with their handlers in Bangladesh were gradually building momentum in the area and had decided to declare freedom from India. The Intelligence says that the plan was hatched several years back and it was decided that these elements wanted to declare freedom and fight to merge with Bangladesh.

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