Watch: Man Makes World Record For Stacking M&M Candies. Guess How Many?

How difficult could it be to stack a tower of M&M button-shaped chocolate candies? Apparently a lot, so much so that if you are able to stack more than five such candies on top of each other you will be able to break the world record in that category. The Guinness World Record for stacking up the tallest tower of M&M candies (5) is held by Will Cutbill from the United Kingdom on January 31 this year. The previous record was jointly held by two people — Silvio Sabba in Italy in 2016 and by Brendan Kelbie in Australia in 2020 — who had stacked up four M&M’s each.

Celebrating their achievements, the Guinness Book of World Records recently posted a video on its Instagram page of Kelbie putting in a lot of effort to realise his then record-breaking feat. The video shows him trying a number of times before he successfully stacks for M&M’s. Check the post here.

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The record keeper said in the caption, “Tallest stack of M&M’s – Brendan Kelbie (from Australia).” In the comments section, it said, “It takes practice and a LOT of patience – could you stack 5?”

A user replied, “Only 4? … Challenge accepted.”

Another said, “Really? Knowing how ridiculous records are achieved, I’m surprised the tallest M&M stack is just 4. Of course, I never tried to stack them, but 4 seems like a rookie number… Good Job though! A record is a record.”

A serial record-breaker, Brendon Kelvie has registered a number of other records in his name with the Guinness Book World Records. He also holds the record for spinning a basketball on his nose for the longest duration. He kept the ball rolling on his nose for 9.57 seconds in August last year. Before that, he spun a basketball on a guitar and on a pair of spectacles for the longest duration.

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