Watch: 5 Veg Indian Keto-Friendly Recipes For Lunch

The meteoric rise in popularity of ketogenic diet is proof that this unique diet is here to stay. Unlike many other fad diets that have come and gone, keto has managed to find a loyal fanbase. Indians especially seem to have lapped up to this diet that encourages you to cut back on carbs and increase your fat intake. The whole idea of the diet is based on ‘ketosis’. When your body is unable to find enough carb sources to burn for energy, it goes to fat reserves and starts burning fat for energy. Ketogenic diet has proved helpful for those trying to lose weight and those who are diabetic, but it is always advised that you consult an expert before you hop on to the bandwagon. 
It is also not advisable to change your diet overnight. You can start with small tweaks. How about tweaking your favourite Indian recipes to make it more keto-friendly? Here are some fine ideas. 

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Here Are 5 Veg Indian Keto-Friendly Recipes For Lunch:

1. Keto Dal Makhani

Craving creamy Dal makhani, but too wary of the carbs it comes with ? Try this keto version of your favourite Punjabi recipe. In this recipe, the classic Dal Makhani is tweaked a bit by replacing whole black lentils with chironji seeds. Watch the full recipe here. 

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You have to try this keto version of your favourite Punjabi recipe of Dal Makhani

2. Keto Dosa

There is something about dosa that instantly lifts up our spirits. In this keto-version of this stellar South Indian recipe rice flour is replaced with almond flour. The protein-rich parmesan cheese further makes the dosa a little more creamy and delectable. Here’s the recipe.


This keto-version of your favourite dosa is bound to impress

3. Keto Butter Paneer

This keto-friendly butter paneer is just the right dish you want something healthy yet delicious. Here creamy gravy is subtly laced with roasted paneer and desi spices. A lovely lunch recipe you would thank us for. 


This keto-friendly butter paneer is just the right dish when you are craving something healthy

4. Keto Cabbage Pulao

Who needs rice when you have some cabbage by your side. In this delectable cauli rice recipe, cabbage is cooked with oodles of ghee and masalas for a crunchy veggie lunch. Watch the recipe here. 

5. Keto Coconut Rice

Your classic South Indian comfort food got a Keto twist. Here white rice is replaced with finely grated cauliflower and tossed in coconut paste and combination of hot masalas. We bet you cannot stop at the first helping. Watch the recipe video here. 

Try these yummy recipes for lunch and let us know how you liked it. 

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