US Man Makes World’s Biggest Nerf Gun Weighing 90 kg, Creates Guinness World Record

Nerf gun also known as nerf blaster is simply a toy gun that fires foam discs, darts or balls. (Photo courtesy: Guinness World Records)

Michael Pick from Alabama constructed the jumbo size toy gun that weighs 90 kilogram and measures 12-feet and 6-inches in height.

Michael Pick from Alabama has scripted history and crated Guinness World Record by constructing the world’s largest nerf gun, which is reportedly 300 percent bigger than a regular one. The jumbo size toy gun weighs 90 kilograms and measures 12-feet and 6-inches in height. Before Michael, the Guinness World Record was with Mark Rober, who had built a 6-feet long Nerf gun. In an interview with Guinness World Records, Michael shared that making the air system fit into the shell of the gun was the most difficult part of the construction of the nerf gun. “Since my supersized build had to be exactly scaled to the standard Nerf gun, the space I had to work with was very limited,” he added. Luckily, Michael found the right way to make everything fit.

Nerf gun also known as nerf blaster is simply a toy gun that fires foam discs, darts or balls. The term ‘nerf gun’ got so popular that it has now become an umbrella term for all types of toy blasters regardless of whether they have the Nerf brand name or not. Nerf guns first emerged in the late 1980s and ever since, they have been manufactured in multiple forms. The general nerf gun would easily come in the grip of your hand. But imagine what if the toy gun gets supersized and becomes the size of a rocket ship blaster.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Michael demonstrated the functioning of the giant gun. Though the task sounds quite challenging for a layman, Michael had the required experience of being a space software engineer.

In the video, Michael shared that he used all his knowledge to first develop the model of the gun using computer-aided design. Once the design was finalised, he commenced working on the gun, using wood and plywood. The Guinness World Record holder used a 3D printer to design complex parts, but most of the gun was made of plywood. To give the authentic look of a nerf gun, he added whistles and bells. The 12-inch darts of the giant gun are made of PVC pipe, foam and 3D printed caps. And the gun’s ability to shoot these darts is 80 kmph.

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