This East Delhi Chaat Is ‘Too Hard To Digest’ For Netizens

Indians are all about foods that jolt up the palates. Our cuisine has an ultra-wide variety of food that offers all kinds of flavours dear to us. Among them is one that has all the flavours in one – Chaat. Chaat is one dish that is seldom not liked as it has everything that our palate demands. It is sweet, spicy, tangy, and salty. So, naturally, there are hundreds of versions of chaat.

Recently, a street vendor from Chitra Vihar, East Delhi, added another chaat to the list. Netizens are experiencing a mix of surprise with a dash of disgust after virtually tasting the flavour of novelty that this chaat offers, among others. The chaat that we are talking about is called ‘Tomato Chaat.’

The video of the preparation of this bizarre chaat was shared by a foodstagrammer named ‘Chatore Brothers.’ In the video, the vendor is seen roasting a dozen tomatoes in a large cauldron containing sand. After cooking the tomatoes in the scorching sand till the outer peel is burnt, the vendor washes the tomatoes in mineral water.

The washing of the tomatoes is followed by peeling the peel left. He then cuts the tomatoes on a dish made of leaves, sprinkles some masala, and serves it with a spoonful of thick sauce, which seems spicy by the looks of it.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has been watched by more than 16 lakh people and has gathered roughly 4.3 lakh likes. In the comments section, to express their reaction to Tomato Chaat. While some poured their wonder into the section, some showcased their disappointment through the comments.

One user named the dish “Tomatoes with a pinch of Earth.” Another user expressed astonishment and wrote, “Seeing something like this for the first time.” A third user wrote, “Guys, get ready for kidney stones.”

What do you think of this gooey chaat being sold on the streets of Delhi?

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