This Cake That Looks Just Like Meat Ribs Will Make You Question Reality

The first picture of the ribs made netizens believe that it was a juicy, well-glazed piece of meat. However, the second snap will shake your whole belief system. The trend of ‘It’s all cake’ started last year when bakers and artists across the world decided to prank netizens by making cakes resembling fruits, vegetables, mobile phones, animals and even human heads. Within a few days, the trend caught the internet like wildfire and after many memes and jokes, the craze settled down. Now, with an unexpected cake creation, it appears that the trend has made a re-entry on the internet.

A creation shared by Inae Cakes on their official Instagram account features a juicy and glazed portion of meat ribs. The first picture of the ribs is so convincing that the thought of it being a cake would never cross your mind. Netizens instantly believed that it indeed was a juicy piece of meat. The second snap will, however, shake your whole belief system.

Take a look at this sweet creation:

Inae Cakes had also shared a video via their Tik Tok handle, featuring the ribs cake. The first few seconds of the video featured the meat but as soon as the knife made contact with the ‘ribs’, it actually turned out to be a sweet treat. The blade sank into the so-called ribs and it was revealed that the creation was actually a marble cake.

The ribs cake did not get the desired reaction on Twitter. Sharing the video, a disappointed user asked why is the trend back?

Another tweeted, “I have never been this disappointed in my life, and I date men.”

“If somebody gave me some ribs, and they turned out to be cake, the only appropriate response is violence,” a third wrote.

Meanwhile, some viewers also shared a video of a woman, who walks up to a canvas painting hanging on a wall, with a knife and sliced into it. The painting was basically a cake.

Well, this is not the first time Inae Cakes have showcased their creativity. Earlier, they had shared the video of a ‘chocolate turkey cake.’ At a first glance, what appears to be a turkey, turns out to be a chocolate cake as the knife slides through it.

How would you react if a savory dish turns out to be a dessert?

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