The 20 Top-Rated Business Books of 2021 | by Amardeep Parmar | Nov, 2021

AP: 86/ GR: 4.36 from 3497/ AZ: 4.6 from 671

Oliver aims this book at people obsessed with productivity. He reminds them the average human only has 4,000 hours. Do you want to spend it crossing off meaningless tasks from your to-do list? For entrepreneurs, it makes you think about your mission rather than just short-term thinking. I love Oliver’s style which is full of nuance.

AP: 89/ GR: 4.52 from 2694/ AZ: 4.8 from 2057

Everybody loves writing about Elon Musk but few had the access Eric did. He is the senior space editor at Ars Technica and reported on SpaceX for over a decade. In Liftoff, he summarises everything including all of his direct interviews with Elon himself. If the innovation behind the space race fascinates you, you’ll love this.

AP: 91/ GR: 4.18 from 26881/ AZ: 4.5 from 7714

If you’re surprised by a book about climate being so high up then you haven’t been paying attention. Rather than just telling everyone to consume less, he accepts the developing world needs the energy to lift people out of poverty. He wants the businesses of the world to focus on clean energy instead.

AP: 94/ GR: 4.25 from 33231/ AZ: 4.6 from 6991

Adam Grant appears to have the Midas touch with yet another bestseller. His core argument here is you should always challenge why you think the way you do. He uses famous examples from history to illustrate how people didn’t have the right answer the first time around but adapted to achieve success.

AP: 100/ GR: 4.59 from 18563/ AZ: 4.7 from 3089

It seems this year, people love reading about companies behaving badly! Few companies in recent memory have created more tragedy than Purdue Pharma. They intentionally triggered an opioid epidemic to increase their profits. The story is riveting and it’s a handbook of what you shouldn’t do in your own business.

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