Steve Martin Reacts to Video of His Own Doppelganger Petting a Dog

Hollywood actor Steve Martin was baffled after he saw a video on social media featuring his doppelganger. The 76-year-old actor was one of the viewers of a video shared on Twitter where a man, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Martin, was petting a dog. The video was shared on Twitter by Amee Vanderpool on Monday who described it as, “A man who looks like Steve Martin, in a garden, tending to this dachshund is exactly what I need this morning.” Vanderpool also described the genre of the video and titled it as “Dads with dogs they didn’t want.” The 20-second video showed the man sitting on a bench and taking pictures of the dachshund. He then tried to cover the dozing dog with a blanket. The video cuts to another shot which shows the dog sitting on his lap and cuddling as they both soaked the winter sunlight.

The heartwarming video has been viewed by over 3.1 million users on Twitter. The actor retweeted the video and shared a hilarious response which read, “I am relieved to find out this is not me. I was starting to doubt my sanity.”

Netizens too seemed to enjoy the reaction shared by the actor who has worked in some of the Hollywood classics like Pink Panther, Father of the Bride, Parenthood and more. One of the users commented how even they would have been duped into believing that the man was indeed Martin. The comment read, “I would have not believed that’s not you Steve. He’s got the Charles fit and all.”

It should be noted that Martin plays the role of Charles, an actor who once played a detective in a popular television show in the ongoing Hulu special Only Murders in the Building, which also stars Selena Gomez and Martin Short.

Another user, who firmly expressed his belief that the man was indeed Martin commented, “Deny at all costs but damn it, I will swear and testify in a court of law that’s a true representation of yourself. Loved the video, especially the dog.”

What are your thoughts on the tweet shared by Martin?

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