Stephen King Made a ‘Dad Joke’ and Twitter is Grateful He Doesn’t Write Comedy Books

Everyone’s favourite ‘king of horrors’, Stephen King is pretty active on social media, especially Twitter and the American author often keeps posting witty anecdotes or just about anything interesting, be ith discussing his own books or other TV shows or even the socio-political situation going on in America or anywhere else. Now, what happens if the horror maestro, known to write some of the best books in the genre that ‘scared the bejesus’ out of us attempts a joke? Well, that depends on what the joke is. King seemed to be pretty active on Twitter and was in the mood for some ‘comedy’ and thus tweeted, “I got hit in the head with a can of Coke. Thank God it was a soft drink.”

For fans of King, this is not a random one. the author is alluding to a scene from a 1986 movie, titled the Maximum Overdrive ,a sci-fi horror genre movie where machines suddenly come to life and start attacking humans and animals. In one of the scenes, a soda vending machine is seen killing the coach of a game by firing canned soda cans at the man at point-blank.

King’s tweet went viral and Twitter users reacted to it differently. While some recounted their own childhood fears based on the film’s scenes, others took to tweeting new ‘jokes’ based on several other movie names inspired by King’s books.

Check out some of the best ones:

Did IT hit you?

King came back to tweet again later this:

Several of King’s books have been adapted into films and TV series including the ‘It, ‘Misery, ‘The Shining’, ‘Under the Dome’, ‘Cujo’, ‘Salem’s Lot’ and many others.

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