Some of the biggest names in tech and VC have penned an open letter to the government about climate change

A coalition of business, technology, venture capital and social impact leaders, led by Canva co-founder Cameron Adams, have written an open letter to the Morrison government calling on Canberra to stop investing in fossil fuels and abandon its “gas-led recovery”.

The letter seeks a renewable energy target of 100% by 2030, with Australia reaching net zero emissions just a decade later, 10 years earlier that the government’s preferred timeline.

More than 40 people have signed the open letter, posted on Medium, including partners in VC firms Airtree, Blackbird, Tractor and Folklore, as well as senior executives and founders from startups such as Buildkite, Vinomofo, Envato, Sendle and Carbar.

The letter, which calls on other business leaders to add their signature, is reprinted below:


Those signing the letter are:

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