Pilot Lands Airbus A340 Plane in Antarctica For the First Time

This is the first time in history that an AirbusA340 has landed in Antarctica’s icy territory. The historic moment was captured in a seven-minute clip that is now being circulated online. The pilot of the Airbus, Carlos Mirpuri, and his crew started the 4,506-km journey from Cape Town in South Africa on November 2. The flight journey had taken over five hours to reach the destination. The crew is employed by a boutique aviation company named Hi-Fly that hires both aircrafts and aircrew. According to a CNN report, the aviation company handled the maintenance, logistics, and insurance. As per the pilot, the landing was possible due to the months of preparation that went behind it. The challenging mission kept the crew motivated for the highly anticipated event. The trip was chartered by a luxury holiday resort named Wolf’s Fang in the South Pole.

Watch the video:

Sources say that there was a makeshift 10,000-ft runway in Antarctica before the landing. This was prepared to make sure that there is enough grip to land.

“It is an airplane that delivers every time. Robust, comfortable and safe, performs well in this environment,” said Mirpuri.

Though there were challenges faced by the crew, Mirpuri said that everything went according to the plan.

“We flew a textbook approach to an uneventful landing, and the aircraft performed exactly as planned. When we reached taxi speed, I could hear a round of applause from the cabin. We were joyful. After all, we were writing history,” said the pilot.

In another viral incident, an Air India plane got stuck under a foot overbridge near Delhi’s IGI airport. The video of the incident was picked up by social media users after it was posted online on October 3. The video, which was recorded by a passerby, showed the plane partially blocking the road giving only some room for other vehicles to pass. The nose and the front portion of the aircraft had crossed underneath the foot overbridge before the top half got stuck.

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