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Join us for a live online special panel discussion thinking about the future at 11:00AM on Thursday 25 November

Our 45-minute ‘Microthetical’, in partnership with Microsoft Australia, is a hypothetical set 10 years into the future, with leading tech experts exploring the possibilities, perils and power of tech to shape our lives.

Hosted by Startup Daily Editor Simon Thomsen, the Microthetical panel includes Microsoft Australia CTO Enterprise Sarah Carney, Climate Salad founder Mick Liubinkas and BTC Markets CEO Caroline Bowler.

Our hypothetical is this:

It’s 2030 and US President Mark Zuckerberg has plenty of issues on his metaverse.

China and India are now global tech superpowers.

Elon Musk is preparing to leave Earth for good and is selling all of the cryptocurrency that made him the world’s first trillionaire.

Markets are nervous and ETFs are plunging, sending mum and dad millionaires broke in a crash known as Black DeFi.

Quantum computing now runs key infrastructure and government services using artificial intelligence with access to 25 years of social media data from all of the world’s citizens, with a centralised databank tracking their location minute-by-minute.

And war has broken out, with the rogue nation The United Republic of REvil launching cyber attacks on the US, supported by Eastern European cyber criminals hired on from the Nasdaq-listed gig economy marketplace Hacktasker.

Breakthrough climate technologies started to solve the planet’s warming challenge, but bigger solutions to new problems need to be found as the world runs out of lithium, which Musk has been shipping to the moon over the last five years.

What happens next … ?

Grab free tickets to our online Microthetical here and get a glimpse of a world we’re all imagining, by people who actually can see it

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