Man Claims to Spot ‘Ghost Dog’ Playing With His Pet, Shares Spooky Video of Incident

Paranormal activities are a highly controversial topic. While there are people who take the scientific route and rub off the presence of ghosts, there’s a sizeable chunk of the population that is convinced about ghosts being a reality. And, in the case of this Australian man, he has CCTV footage to back claims of a ghost dog.

Jake DeMarco shows a video of an incident involving his pet dog Ryder and his phantom friend. Jake claims his Melbourne house is too secured for a regular dog to sneak in. So when he first started Ryder frolicking with a transparent looking dog on the camera, he had certain doubts in his mind. The transparent dog suddenly went out of the frame so when Jake stepped out to see what was happening, there was no one in the compound other than Ryder. The CCTV clipping was shared on YouTube by Caters Clip.

Watch it here:

Jake said he was having a cigarette in his garage when he first saw the live stream of the CCTV camera. He saw Ryder playfully jumping around the compound which was very unlike him. Jake had some doubts in his mind when he spotted another dog in the picture but this transparent looking dig suddenly disappeared in thin air.

Since the incident, Jake and his wife have been regularly watching the security camera feeds regularly.

Since being posted online a few days ago, the video of the incident has garnered over 2.5 lakh views along with several reactions on YouTube. While some users believed in Jake’s claims, others were convinced that the transparent ghost dog was just a regular white dog. reacting to the clip a user pointed the other dog’s eyes could be seen lighting up in the night vision camera which was an indicator that the dog was a real one.

Criticising Jake for being an attention seeker, the users added, “So either this ghost dog has real eyes or it’s a real dog that has a ghost-like appearance on night vision cameras. People will do anything for attention. “


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