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‘Teen Mom 2’ returned on May 4, and Season 11 kicked off with one big surprise after another.

Teen Mom 2 is back, ya’ll! The long-running MTV series returned on May 4, and just as the network promised in the teaser trailer a few weeks ago, all the ladies are facing “fresh new challenges”.

For Leah Messer, it was some life-altering news about her health. She had discovered a lump in her breast, so she went for more testing and eventually discovered it was a benign tumor. Fortunately, that means it wasn’t cancerous, and Leah is going to be okay, but she took the opportunity to teach her daughters about regularly checking their own breasts as they get older.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry decided to move back to Dover and sell the house she bought near Chris Lopez. The only happy memory associated with that house was her giving birth to baby Creed inside of it, but since she and Chris don’t have the best relationship anymore, she decided it was best to move back to where she and her sons were living before. So they’ll reside in their old house — near Isaac and Lincoln‘s dad — until their dream house gets built nearby. This week’s episode saw Kailyn going to check out the land she purchased, and sharing the news with her boys. She also shed tears of joy after finalizing the sale of the house she bought near Chris.

Later, Teen Mom 2‘s newest mom, Ashley Jones, took an anniversary trip with her boyfriend, Bar, who had a big surprise for her. After being separated for a year, they decided to get back together and move a few hours away from their families to avoid any unnecessary drama. And believe it or not, it actually seems to be working for them. So much so, in fact, that Bar proposed to Ashley on their 5-year anniversary.

Not much has changed for Briana DeJesus, though. She’s still hating that she has to co-parent with DeVoin, but Nova spent some time with him and it went well. She even said she was looking forward to spending more time with him the following weekend. And guess what? This time around, Briana was the one who ended up being late when picking up Nova from school. Maybe she’ll start showing some compassion for DeVoin? Only time will tell.

Finally, Jade Cline revealed she and Sean were broken up, and he hadn’t seen their daughter, Kloie in quite some time. But since she was struggling with raising her alone, she finally allowed Sean to stop by and see their little girl.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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