I Asked 50 Entrepreneurs What Tools They Use to Stay Productive — Here Are the Most Popular Ones | by Joseph Mavericks | May, 2021

This summer, it will be 2 years since I started blogging consistently. This decision was one of the biggest of my life, and it has brought me many opportunities, the biggest one being the ability to interact with like-minded people who also blog, and who are much further along the path of success than I am.

I published over 50 interviews on Medium, and the wealth of information, knowledge and motivation I acquired through them has been invaluable. Not only because the tips given are practical, actionable, and proven to work by my guests. But also because every time, I took the opportunity to ask them about their favorite productivity tools. This enabled me to gather a list of 60+ tools, and I will share the most popular ones in this article.

This is not your generic “the best productivity tools out there” list. This is road-tested advice from real people who do real things, in real life. Most of the people I interviewed achieve more than average, and they do so thanks to these tools.

I hope this list helps you further your development as an entrepreneur, an online writer, or whatever it is that you’re working on with passion.

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