Hyderabad Pandal Installs Massive 45-foot-tall Eco-friendly Idol of Goddess Durga

People across the country are celebrating the Navratri festival with full religious fervour. Hindu devotees in Hyderabad installed a 45-foot-tall idol of Goddess Durga to please the deity. The gigantic idol is made up of eco-friendly material and has been placed at a pandal in the Esamia Bazar area of the city, reported news agency ANI. Gulab Srinivas Gangaputra, who is the organiser of the pandal where the idol is installed, said it took 22 workers and 35 days to erect the idol. “The idol is made of grass, clay, red sand, and water paint. 22 artists worked for 35 days to make this idol,” Gangaputra told ANI.

The idol of Goddess Durga has nine faces and nine pairs of hands, signifying the deity’s nine forms. During Navratri, devotees worship nine forms of Goddess Durga, with Vijaydashmi or Dussehra marking the win of the deity over demon Mahishasura.

The eco-friendly idol will ensure that there is no harmful impact to the environment as the market is still flooded with artifacts made of chemicals and toxic substances.

“Amazing. An eco-friendly idol is what’s needed. Idols made of plaster of Paris & using non eco-friendly colours damages our ecosystem & our other Mata – Prithvi mata,” a user said.

Devotees in several parts of the country make theme-based pandals to worship the different forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri. The nine forms of Durga are: Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri.

Navratri festival will culminate with Vijayadashmi on October 15. Vijayadashami in some parts of the country is celebrated to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over demon Mahishasura – a deceitful king who pursued his evil ways.

Vijayadashami is also known as Dussehra, which marks the defeat of 10-headed Ravana at the hands of Lord Rama. People in north India burn massive effigies of Ravana along with his brother Kumbhkarna and and son Meghnada to celebrate the day.

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