Google relaxes remote work plan, will let 20% of employees telecommute

Google CEO Sundar Pichai


Google on Wednesday said it now expects 20% of its employees to work from home after its offices reopen later this year.

The company, which owns extensive Silicon Valley real estate, had previously taken a more strict approach to the return to work after the Covid pandemic, which forced companies to close offices and have employees telecommute. Now, as some technology workers see other employers offering greater flexibility, Google is relaxing its approach.

In December the company announced a plan to have workers spend three days a week in the office.

Now, Google expects that 60% Google employees will be on site for a few days a week, with 20% working in new office locations and 20% working from home, a spokesperson told CNBC.

Any given Google employee can now temporarily work for four weeks per year from a location other than their assigned office, an increase from two weeks, the spokesperson said.

Employees can keep working from home through September, the spokesperson said. Some employees might need to be at their facilities more than three days per week because of their work, the spokesperson said.

Several smaller companies, including Atlassian and Square, have agreed to let most of their employees work from home.

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