Beef or ‘Bromance’? Comedian Raunaq Rajani Claims Chetan Bhagat is His Childhood ‘Bhaiya’

After author Chetan Bhagat’s attempt to join the Vir Das ‘Two Indias’ conversation faced backlash from netizens, stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani has started an epic thread on how he grew up with Bhagat, referring to him as ‘Bhaiyya’ and entertaining the internet. “I may fight or find many faults with my mother but I won’t go criticising her in the neighbours house. I may find a hundred things wrong with my country but I won’t go criticise it publicly on an international stage. Maybe it’s just me, but some things are just not done.” Many called out Bhagat for his comments which translated to keeping family matters concealed, no matter how toxic they are,” Bhagat had tweeted on November 18 after the Das controversy erupted. Desis attacked him with the ‘log kya kahenge’ mentality and accused him of promoting ‘toxicity.’ On November 19, Rajani decided to take netizens on a wild guessing game with a tweet laced with sarcasm (or facts?). “Not a lot of people know this but I grew up in Naraina Vihar, West Delhi right next to Chetan Bhagat’s house and he would criticise his mom all the time to my parents. In fact it was my parents that would try to explain to him that what he’s doing is wrong.” Twitterati went crazy trying to make sense of this new beef or ‘bromance’ – whatever you wish to call it – with many from the ‘neighbourhood’ joining in the banter.

Bhagat in a clarifying tweet went so far as to brand him a ‘loser’ and called out the ‘lies’ in his claims, although Rajani’s apparent sarcasm was not lost on any of us. Right?

Rajani had a perfect emotional comeback for this, too.

The comedian proved his dedication for the new role by even changing his Twitter bio to ‘Chetan bhagats childhood neighbor & his brother from another mother’ and starting an AMA (ask me anything) thread on their ‘relationship.’

In a series of tweets calling out his detractors (or just Rajani), Bhagat went on to categorically criticize the criticisms aimed at him.

Rajani then upped his game and produced a surely non-edited picture for those asking for proof, leaving netizens in splits.

Okay, we’ll give it to Bhagat this time for trying to be funny.

Rajani did not back down and shot back with another tweet, the last in the tweet-war, so far.

Netizens, who were clearly enjoying the exchanges, chipped in with their takes on the subject.

Stand-up comic Das, who has been at the receiving end of severe criticism over his viral “Two Indias” monologue at the Kennedy Centre in Washington recently, has said he will continue to write “love letters to my country” as long as he is able to do comedy. In the six-minute controversial video, Das talked about the duality of the country and mentioned some of the most topical issues India has been facing, from its COVID-19 situation, gang-rapes, crackdown against comedians to the farmers’ protests. It caused a huge uproar on social media, with a section of the internet demanding strict action and actress Kangana Ranaut even calling him a “criminal”. A complaint was also filed against him for making “derogatory statements against India.” Although Rajani or Bhagat has not tweeted any new revelations of their childhood camaraderie, who wouldn’t love a slice more of this passive-aggressive banter. We know we would.

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