Australian Man Shares ‘Paranormal’ Encounter With ‘Dog Man’ Monster While Kayaking

The pictures reveal the head of a black dog amidst the heavy green foliage. Credits: BelievePod

An Australian man shared his terrifying experience with a dog man-like monster on the Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast.

The adage truth is stranger than fiction holds true for an Australian man who claims that a “dog man” monster stalked him last year. The incident was shared by the man himself on Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast episode which aired on September 21. The person, who introduced himself as John, told the podcast host Kade Moir that he came across the creature last year when he had gone kayaking. While he was fishing on a kayak, John said that he noticed that every time he took a stroke with the paddle of the kayak, the unidentified creature was taking a stride forward. After observing the simultaneous motion for quite some time, John stopped for a while and the sound stopped in the bush too, and he thought it was a bit odd. John then told Kade that he started paddling again and, as anticipated, the creature took a few steps forward. This confirmed John’s intuition that the creature was following him and it was not a coincidence. John even went on to describe it as more of a stalking incident. John then went for his camera and took a picture of the source of the sound. The pictures reveal the head of a black dog amidst the heavy green foliage. John told Kade that he believes that the creature, which was captured by the camera lens, is a “Dog Man.” The pictures were shared by Believe: Paranormal & UFO on their website and it shows just the upper body of the dog which looks like any other dog. How John came to the conclusion that it was not a usual dog but a “dog man” remains unclear.

The incident which took place on December 26, 2020, left John paranoid as he confessed during the episode that he could not go back to the area to check it out by himself. “I was petrified for probably a month after it. I was waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the creature in my dreams,” John told Kade.

John visited the area again, and that is when he claims that the “dog man” started to “roar” and it took ten minutes for him to escape back to the safety of his car. John also claimed that prior to the roaring sound, he had heard a banging sound as if some creature or animal was running.

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