5-foot-long Snake Found With Torn Intestines in Chennai Saved By Surgery

The reptile was fighting for its life as the stomach was torn and its body was almost cut in half. Credits: News18

The snake was found with its body almost cut in half and was rescued by the forest officials and the public.

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  • Last Updated:November 29, 2021, 19:56 IST

A snake, that had its intestines torn apart, was found in Chennai and rescued with the timely intervention of the forest physicians and Guindy Forest Department. Owing to heavy rains in the city, the Guindy Forest Department has been on the lookout for snakes that occasionally enter residential areas during floods. Amid the heavy downpour, the rainwater accumulated in the Lucas area of ​​Chennai was recently drained out. At that time, a five-foot long snake was seen lurking in the bush trapped in the JCB machine. The reptile was fighting for its life as the stomach was torn and its body was almost cut in half.

Without further delay, the public informed the Guindy Forest Department about the dangerous condition of the snake which seemed to be caught in a battle for its life. The forest staff rushed to the spot and the snake was immediately taken to the Forest Hospital in Guindy area. Meanwhile, the forest physicians said that the snake will survive only if it is operated upon and the intestine is placed back inside. The snake was then anesthetized and an oxygen mask was worn. The surgery lasted for about 45 minutes, which involved re-inserting the snake’s entire intestine into the abdomen and then suturing to successfully recover the animal.

According to authorities, the snake is currently being kept in a glass container and its entire physical condition is being monitored. It will be released into the forest once it is healed completely. People and netizens are praising the quick action taken by the forest department officials and physicians to operate on the snake and save its life.

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