40 US Companies created a Global Task Force to help India fight Covid second wave

America is in mission mode to help India struggling with the second wave of Covid. Various branches of US administration have been identified in areas in which India needs help. Apart from this, all administrative hurdles are also being removed. It is also being ensured that medical help is provided to India as soon as possible. US President Joe Biden has said that India helped the American people in their time of need. Now the US will help India and provide resources to fight the coronavirus.

Biden said this after a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is believed that the conversation between the two leaders lasted for 45 minutes. After this, Biden tweeted, India helped us. Now we will help India. The Biden administration was criticized in various circles for adopting a lax attitude during the Covid crisis in India. After this, the White House announced to send raw materials for oxygen, Covid vaccine, life-saving medicines, and PPE to India.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has also said that the US does not want political support from India in return for this help. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said that we have a global comprehensive strategic partnership with India. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken has also clarified that we are not helping India for any kind of political support. This is our commitment to the needy and the humanitarian leadership of America.

Ned Price also said that the Biden administration is working to ensure the supply of goods needed to combat the deadly coronavirus. Talking to reporters, he said that India’s position is a matter of concern for America. We are always with our friends and colleagues in India. At the government level, whatever is being made from us, we are constantly doing it. This includes the help of oxygen and related items. Apart from this, medicines, rapid diagnostic test kits, ventilators, etc. are also being supplied.

40 top US companies come forward

40 top US companies have come forward to show solidarity with India. Under this, a global task force will be formed to mobilize resources to help India. Daylight CEO Punit Renjen said that various US trade organizations would jointly send 20,000 oxygen contractors to India in a few weeks. Apart from this, these companies will also send medicines, vaccines, oxygen, and other life-saving equipment in collaboration with the administration. Renjen said that a large number of American companies have surfaced over the weekend. We are trying our best to do all the help that can be made from us.

Gilead will increase the availability of Remdesivir

The drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences has said it will provide technical support and pharmaceutical ingredients to its partners to increase the availability of Remdesivir in India affected by the second wave of Covid. In addition, the company will provide 4,50,000 additional vials to India. Remdesivir is used as an emergency in cases of severe symptoms of Covid in India.

MPs campaigning for India’s help

Rising above party politics, influential US lawmakers have come out in support of India. They have requested the Biden administration to provide all possible help immediately. Describing India as a close ally and important partner, Member of Parliament Adam Siff said that India provided immediate help when the condition of American hospitals was in shambles due to the Covid epidemic. I am grateful to the Biden administration that it has decided to help India.

California will also provide oxygen to India

The US state of California has decided to provide oxygen to India. While issuing a detailed account of sending the consignment of oxygen to India, California Governor Gavin Newsom said that every person deserves good medical care against the disease. The people of India need help right now. We will meet their needs.

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